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Lonely Tree

When springtime brings rain,
The Texas Panhandle changes colors.
See the leaves on the lonely tree
Sprout and turn green,
As the grass on the plains grows tall
And blows in the wind.

After a severe drought that lasted several years; Texas is finally receiving rain.  It’s so wonderful to see all the green trees and blooming flowers.

What’s your favorite season?


4 thoughts on “Lonely Tree

  1. Glad to know Texas is getting rain. In my area of New Mexico we are ahead of the average for rain at this time of year, but it will take a lot to fully recover from the years of drought. I love each season when it’s here, but spring is great after the long cold winter, and autumn is refreshing after a long, hot summer, so those two compete for the favorite in my mind.

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    • We’ve recently moved to the DFW area. It has rained almost everyday for the last several weeks. I’m tired of gray skies. We’re originally from the Texas Panhandle. They are getting rain, too — just not as much rain. Not being as close to New Mexico is one of the downfalls of moving. We use to be able to take weekend trips to Albuquerque, Red River and even Ruidoso. Now it will take way too long to get there. Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons. I don’t know if it will change since we are living further south now. 🙂


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