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If You Want the Rainbow…

Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge

This week’s quote is to remind me that the rainbow will eventually shine through the clouds.   I’ve used this quote during rough periods to remind myself that better times are just around the corner.  Today, I’m also thinking much more literally.  — There’s been lots of rain in our area of Texas — which is certainly a great thing.  In fact. we’ve had over 14.5 inches this year compared to 3.7 during the same period last year.   The lake levels are way up and the drought seems to be over.  All this wonderful rain is happening during a transition time in our lives.  We’ve sold our home of many years and contracted to build our forever home.  The builder hasn’t been able to start the house pad because of the rain and we are trying to patiently wait it out.  The weather delay has lasted about 2 months so far and the weather man says that the rain will probably continue for several more weeks.  We actually started on the home building journey more than 6 months ago; so I chose this quote for a little encouragement.  This quote reminds me literally and figuratively that the things will get better.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is one of my favorite singers.  She inspires me because it’s so apparent that she loves what she does.  You should check out her website to get an idea of some of the wonderful things she’s accomplished. However, as much as I love her singing and acting, I’m even more impressed with the Imagination Library. This year, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is celebrating 20 years and over 66 million free books mailed to children ages birth to age 5.  The Imagination Library inspires a love of reading by delivering over 800,000 books every month.  Now that’s impressive!

Please forgive me if I sound like a star struck fan.  Though, I saw Dolly in concert twice many years ago, I’ve never met her in person. (I’d certainly love to someday!).  I just felt like I couldn’t use a Dolly quote without giving her a shout out for entertaining and inspiring us.

Do you have a go-to quote for motivation or inspiration?

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