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Be Soft. Do Not Let the World…

Word Crush Wednesday Quote Challenge

I’ve always been a collector of quotes.  I like quotes that speak to me about life, that encourage and motivate.  I’m often told that I’m too much of a “Pollyanna” and that I don’t really see the true world.  It is true that I try to overlook the bad and focus on the good.  If I didn’t, I might not be able to wake up every morning.  This quote fits my philosophy about life perfectly.  You have to believe in the beauty of life or you let yourself become part of the ugliness.

This quote is from a I Wrote This For You,  by Iain Thomas.  It is often attributed to Kurt Vonnegut; but after some research I found that it was actually written by Iain Thomas.  The librarian in me always has to make sure that I’m giving credit to the correct author ; but I almost slipped up with this one.  The first few google hits for this quote attributed it to Kurt Vonnegut. Since the hits were images, I decided to a little more digging.  I’m glad I did because I hate to embarrass myself with silly mistakes.  (Maybe I need to write a blog post about the laziness we all have acquired when it comes to using google.)  I even came across an interesting blog post at Domestiphobia that discusses her search for the true author of this quote.

What does this quote say to you?

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