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Fair Park — Childress, Texas

Childress is a small Texas town found on Highway 287 about 2 hours east of Amarillo.  With a population of about 6100, Childress meets my personal definition of a small town.  You know, a town with one post office and no shopping mall.  A town where the people are friendly, main street is charming and they have only one high school.  One of my favorite things about Childress is Fair Park.  It’s a well maintained park with a nice playground, an overnight RV park and a pretty little lake.  For many, many years, I drove through Childress on my way to Dallas without seeing the park.  All it took was a left turn and a few blocks over — there was this great little park.

Lesson Learned — Step (or drive) out of the box every so often.
— You never know what you might find.

You can see my other photos from Fair Park by clicking on the links below.

Bridge at Fair Park — Childress, Texas

Have you ever been surprised (in a good way) by what you found when you changed your familiar route with a different one?

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