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2015’s Blood Red Moon & Lunar Eclipse

These are of my photos of the  blood red moon and lunar eclipse on September 27th, 2015.  We aren’t use to living in the metroplex; so we left the house a little too late.   It was more difficult to find a dark spot than we thought; so consequently, we missed the very first part of the eclipse.  It was still amazing and I am glad we made the effort to get out-of-town to see it.

These photos were taken with my Canon t4i, an 18-135mm Lens and a 2x magnifier.  Thank goodness for my tripod because the camera gets really heavy with that magnifier on it.

There were some hazy clouds floating through the night sky; so some of the photos have a hazy look.  You can read about the stages of the eclipse at Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse.

The Beginning of the Eclipse

The Total Eclipse

The Moon Returns

The blood red moon photo  guides I read said to get in the darkest spot you can find and try to photograph the moon with a landmark to show the size.  It wasn’t possible for me to do both; so I chose to find a dark spot.  I know some people Photoshop in trees or landmarks; but you are just getting my original unedited photos.  (I did crop a few of the photos to bring the moon in closer.  Those photos are labeled as cropped.)

The moon is fascinating.  I’ve added a new lens and a telescope to my wish list; so I can take better night photos.

Did you like to take photos of the moon? What helps you get the best shots at night?


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