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After The Storm

It’s a stormy, rainy day —

It’s been raining and storming in my part of Texas since last night with predictions for more rain to come.  Our rain gauge already shows 3 inches of rain from the last storm and the lake is flowing over the dam.  I’m not sure how much more rain is still to come.

Spring (Almost)

This is our first spring in our home; so it’s my first time to watch the rain out the windows.   (I realize it’s really not spring yet even though leaves are starting to sprout.) It stopped raining for a bit.  When I glanced out the window  I saw hundreds of raindrops glistening on the tree branches and leaves.  I tried to capture the amazing look with a few photos.shimmers_www.rainydayreflections.com_Glimmering_raindrops_www.rainydropreflections.com_Rainyday_www.rainydayreflections.com_AfterTheStorm_www.rainydayreflections.com_

How’s the weather where you live?



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