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Abandoned – Monochrome Madness Challenge

I saw this abandoned building while driving through Sherman, Texas.  It was amazing to see the walls still standing even though they were sagging and crumbling.  The roof was long gone with trees and grass growing where the floor had once been.  The glass had disappeared from the windows years ago; but some of the boards were still covering the window slots.  At some point years ago, this was a beautiful, useful building.  I think if the walls could talk; we’d hear some interesting stories.


Monochrome Madness Challenge

“Abandoned” is my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.  This week’s theme was “Closed”.  You can join the Monochrome Madness Challenge or view more monochrome photos by visiting Leanne Cole Photography. You can view my other Monochrome Madness Challenge entries by clicking on Monochrome Madness or by visiting my Monochrome Gallery.

Closed – The Theme

“Closed” was a fun theme to work with; but ended up requiring more thinking than I expected.  My first thought was of the gorgeous flowers budding all around this time of year.  Then, I thought about all the obvious ones like closed doors, gates, signs, stores, etc.  All could make an interesting photo op.  I even though about using the photo below of the alligators’ closed mouths — because we certainly want them closed.  I settled on “Abandoned” because I love to photograph old buildings and this one seemed just perfect as a monochrome photo.

Just For Fun



What other subjects do you think could fit the theme “Closed”?




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