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Pinterest Success – Red, White & Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year and Pinterest is full of wonderful crafts to help celebrate the season.  For a fun summer project, I decided to choose something from Pinterest every week and report on my success or failure.  Thankfully, this week’s Pinterest attempt was a success.

Red, White & Blue Bandana Flag Wreath

Various versions of red, white & blue bandana flag wreaths have been showing up on Pinterest and Facebook for several weeks now.  I decided to try making one since Flag Day and July 4th are both coming up.

Here’s my finished version.  It’s a little different from the ones I’ve seen; but I’m happy with how it looks.  I came up with my method after researching several of the ones I’d found online.  You can read about my process below.IMG_3527

Gather Your Supplies

6 Red Bandanas
6 Blue Bandanas
6 White Bandanas
1  18  inch Metal Wreath Form
Decorative Stars
Glue Gun & glue
Mod Podge

My Changes 
– I only had 3 white bandanas (For some reason, I couldn’t find more anywhere.)
– I bought 3 star bandanas to replace the 3 white bandanas I couldn’t find.
– My metal wreath form was 24 inches.  (I believe in using what you have.)
– I used 50 small metal stars


The Process

Cut each of the bandanas in half.  I used the center crease as my cutting line.
Please note – I actually cut the white bandanas in thirds because I only had 3 white bandanas.  That still left me short of white strips; so I also cut the star bandanas in half.


Next, roll a bandana half up lengthwise and loop it around the metal wreath form.  I started with the red and alternated with white ones.  Then, I add the blue bandana pieces.

I placed the bandana piece under the wreath form and pulled the bandana piece through the loop.  Make sure you have your ends even before you pull the loop tight.  I left my loops fairly loose until I finished putting on all the bandanas since I knew I’d need to adjust the thinner white pieces.


I decided to try alternating the star bandanas in with the blue bandanas.
I didn’t like the way it looked; so I went back to just blue.  I think I might try using all star bandanas for my next wreath.
(Last week, Walmart had blue bandanas with white stars.)

For my final step, I added silver stars.  I put these on with my glue gun even though they had brads.  It just seemed easier.  I wanted to use 50 stars; so I went with smaller stars.  It’s hard to see them in the photo below, but they show up nicely outside in the sun.  You could use fewer, larger ones if you wanted.

Total Cost $31.77

Bandanas $18
Metal Wreath Frame $4.79
Metal Stars $6.63
Including tax, my wreath cost me $31.77.  Wreaths this size at craft shows & on Etsy cost $45 – $60.  I think making my own was worth the time and effort.

My Finished Red, White & Blue Flag Wreath Hanging on my Porch.

It was pretty windy the day I took this photo; so a few of my bandana pieces were moving around.  I didn’t think it’d be a problem since my wreath was going against the wall of the porch.

Luckily, there is a solution:  ** Coat your bandana pieces with a little Mod Podge thinned with water if you have trouble with some of your bandanas not staying flat.   It looks like I’ll need to go back and use the Mod Podge trick.


Do you have any Pinterest successes or fails to share?  I’d love to hear your stories, too.


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