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Bubbles — Monochrome Madness Challenge

Blowing bubbles gets competitive around our house.  We like to see who can get the most bubbles in the air at once, who can blow the biggest bubble and who can catch the most bubbles.  If you haven’t had any bubble blowing time in a while — you should get a bottle of bubbles and have a go.  It’s a great stress reliever and lots of fun.

In this photo, my oldest grand is catching the bubbles to make them even bigger.Bubbles_www.rainydayreflections.com__


Monochrome Madness Challenge

“Bubbles” is my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge. You can join the Monochrome Madness Challenge or view more monochrome photos by visiting Leanne Cole Photography. You can view my other Monochrome Madness Challenge entries by clicking on Monochrome Madness or by visiting my Monochrome Gallery.


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