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Boat Docks and Stairs

FishingUnderTheBridge_www.dayreflections.com_.jpgFishing Under the Bridge
Buck Creek at Lake Ray Roberts, Texas

It’s so hot in Texas, you can only fish if you can find some shade.  We’ve only had a few days with 100 degree temps; but our “feels like” temperature has been at 105+ for several weeks.  Needless to say, I was surprised to see people fishing in the middle of the afternoon.  And there were at least 8 or 9 vehicles with boat trailers in the parking lot.  These people are dedicated to their sport or they really like fish.

I’ve been told the fishing is very good at Lake Ray Roberts and I plan to give it a try.  — Sometime this fall when the temps are much cooler.

BuckCreek_www.rainydayreflections_Buck Creek Boat Dock

This is the boat dock at Buck Creek on Lake Ray Roberts in Texas.  The boat dock is simple; but it does its job very well.


Stairs To Where?

These stairs actually lead to a parking lot for vehicles with boat trailers. It starts at the bottom of a large hill where the boat dock sits. After putting your boat in the water, you drive up to the parking lot to park. Then, you walk down those stairs to get back to your boat. After a long day of fishing, boating, and playing — you walk back up all those stairs to get to your vehicle and boat trailer.  It must be worth it because I often see fishermen fishing from their boats in this area of Lake Ray Roberts (even in the heat of summer).

Do you like to fish?  Do you fish for sport or do you eat the fish?  Where’s your favorite place to fish?


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