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On this stormy day, it looked as if all the sail boats were docked.  If fact, I didn’t see anyone around except the guy mowing the grass on a riding lawn mower.  I would guess that the lack of people was due to the rainy, stormy day and the fact that it was a Thursday afternoon in September.  This was my first time to visit the Lake Ray Roberts Marina.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Lake Ray Roberts is located just an hour north of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex (Texas) on the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.  The lake covers about 29,000 acres and the maximum depth is 106 feet.  The area is actually a state park and has several campgrounds available.  There are also 5 other areas around the lake with boat docks. It’s an interesting lake and certainly worth a visit.

You can see my monochrome version of this photo in my post Docked B & W.

My “To Do Someday” List

Sail boats fascinate me — probably because I’ve always wanted to go sailing and it stays permanently on my list.  Have you ever been sailing?

What’s on your “To Do Someday” list?




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