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Ornaments – A Family Christmas Tradition

Buying or making a new ornament for the Christmas tree every year is one of my favorite family traditions.  The tradition started the year we got married when one of my close friends gave us an ornament for our tree.  It was just a little wooden ornament attached to a present; but it represented our new life together.  Many, many years later and it’s still the first ornament we put on the tree.

Our First Ornament


Every year since then, we’ve purchased or made a new ornament for the tree that reflects something from that year.  Sometimes, it was an ornament I made or one of the kids made or one we picked up on a trip.

Christmas 2016

This year’s ornament represents my yearlong project of Finding Joy Everyday – Project Joy.  However, it also represents the joy my hubby and I have found living in a new community close to our kids and grands.


My daughter gave me an ornament this year that fits me perfect.


I, also, have a Hallmark ornament ordered; but it hasn’t come in yet.  Our tree theme this year is snowflakes; so it fits in perfectly. (To be truthful, the theme doesn’t really show up too much because of all the special ornaments we add.  I like to start with a theme at least.)


Christmas 2015

Last year, I found the perfect ornament for Christmas 2015.  It not only celebrated our new home; it also was the perfect shade of teal.  (The accent color for most of my decorating in our new home.)


Through the Years

These are some of the ornaments we’ve acquired through the years.

Decorating the Tree

When our kids were born we expanded the tradition by adding an ornament to the tree for each child.  Reminiscing about the ornaments became one of the best parts of decorating the Christmas tree every year.  Each child put their own ornaments on the tree as we sang along to  Christmas music and drank hot chocolate.  We continued the tradition even as  our kids became teenagers.

Each of our children had a box of ornaments for their first tree when they moved into their own places.

The Tradition Continues

Our three grandsons get an ornament for both the tree at home and the tree at Grams’ and Pops’ house.   Our grandchildren will have an even larger box of ornaments for their first trees.

What holiday traditions do you celebrate with your family?



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