15+ Favorite Holiday Traditions and … a few that we miss…
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15+ Favorite Holiday Traditions and … a few that we miss…

How Important are Family Traditions? The other day I mentioned to a friend that we aren’t going to have a Christmas tree this year because we’re in between homes. This shouldn’t be a big deal –  except it kind of is … Christmas Trees Not putting up a tree (or not decorating for Christmas) will … Continue reading

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30 Things I’m Thankful For Everyday

Thankful: adj. feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative. Every year during the holiday season I enjoy seeing the gratitude and thankful lists people often share.  I usually make a list in my journal every year; but this year I’m going one step further by sharing my list on this blog.   My list starts off being thankful for … Continue reading

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Living in my Dreams (Or Let’s Build a House)

For the last several years, my husband and I have been looking for our next home — our “phase three” home. (I’m borrowing “phase three” from the TV show Soul Man. Maybe I’ll write about those phases some other time.)  We’ve looked at many areas within the Dallas/Fort Worth area; but we just couldn’t find … Continue reading