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A quick intro

Let me introduce myself- I’m married with two adult kids and one grandbaby (10 months).  I am blessed to live in Amarillo, Tx. My kids and grandson live in Dallas. I am a school librarian. AND though I love my job, i am so glad school is out.  I really need a break this year.

I love crafting of all kinds, but really have started concentrating on scrapbooking. I started adding digital elements to my scrapbooking several years ago, but I have really been doing more and more completely digital pages. It is hard to justify all the scrapbooking materials I own since I spend so much time doing digital scrapbooking.

My husband and I like to ride four wheelers, go camping (in our RV) and travel. If I’m not scrapping, then I am either playing computer games or reading. I find this hard to believe, but I am hooked on NASCAR. I started out watching the races with my hubby and the rest is history.  Also, I seem to have become a collector. I’ve been collecting elephants since I was a teenager. I also like Coke stuff and butterflies. I recently started a star collection. I hadn’t thought of collecting online (like Melanie and her butterflies), but maybe that would save me some space at home. I guess I could also say I collect scrapbooking stuff. LOL.

For our introductory page at the By God’s Design blog we were to do a Fab 5 type layout.  I had a difficult time with the 5 things about me.  (See the previous post, for the layout.)  My daughter came up with the descriptive words. She thought the words I had sounded boring and dull. I had mom/grams, librarian, creative wannabe, voracious reader, collector of stuff.  Hers looks great on the layout, but I think it makes me sound full of myself. Hehe.    (See below – Click on the picture for the full version.)


Smiles )


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