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A Closer Look

This Hibiscus has provided us with gorgeous blooms all summer.  Even after several big rain storms with heavy winds tried to tear it down; it keeps on blooming.  (One wind storm actually knocked it over and pulled the rootball out.)  Most days there are 4 or 5 blooms tempting me to take another photo.  Today I used my iPhone 6 to take this close up shot.  I love the lines and texture in the close up view.   This photo is unedited and unfiltered.

A Closer Look

I decided this would be a fun photo to try out a few filters in my new program, FX Photo Studio from MacPhum.  I used the Posterize filter from the Art group for this version.  I love the way it came out so much; I may actually print it poster size for my art room.

A Closer Look

I used the Pacific filter from the Cross Processed group for this next edit.  Light seems to glow through the petals in this version which makes the flower seem even more delicate.

A Closer Look
False Mirror

Just for fun, I decided to try the False Mirror 1 filter from the Distortion group.   You can achieve various looks by adjusting the distortion and frequency levels.  I set both the distortion and the frequency at 60 for this version.  I love the various colors in the zig zag effect.  It’s hard to believe it started out as a flower.

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