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Magically Spooky

 ABFriday’s monthly One Photo Focus!

I’ve taken on the ABFriday’s monthly One Photo Focus challenge.  The participants in this challenge post-process the same image and share it on the One Photo Focus Forum.

I’d like to improve my post-processing skills; so hopefully, this challenge will be fun and educational.

Before Photo

Anping Treehouse, Tainan, Taiwan
by Helen Chen — HHC Blog

After Photo

My initial goal was to make the building seem a little spooky and a little magical. I decided to try the MacPhum’s Creative Kit 2016 (which I just received).

First, I used the moderate filter in Noiseless to reduce some of the noise around the edges. Then, I played around with the filters in the FX Photo Studio. I used three filters to get the effect I was trying to achieve: Glow Vivid Color, Midway & Posterize. Next, I used Snapheal to remove the tree limb that was hanging over the door. Then, I darkened the inside of the building and added some magical colors to the floor by the entrance. Finally, I boosted the light just a little using the Fotor app.  (This is the photo I submitted for the challenge.)

Version 2

Originally, I wanted to included purple tones in the photo to make it seem more spooky. I played around with several filters trying to get the right atmosphere for the photo.   I liked this version with the purple trees and the blue-green shadows.  I think it looks magical or maybe like a forgotten fairy house.  I used the Alien Skin filter in  FX Photo Studio to achieve this look.

Which version do you like the best?  What’s your favorite software for post-processing?

Check out the other entries for November’s One Photo Focus by clicking this link – Visual Venturing. You can get more information and join the One Photo Focus monthly challenge over at Stacy Fisher’s Visual Venturing After-Before Friday Forum.


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