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Texas Skyline


Windmills are a common sight along the country roads in Texas.  As a city girl, I don’t think about them or notice them very often.  However, windmills are important to many farmers and ranchers.  I do know that, a windmill with all its blades is most likely still in use.

Texas Skyline

I pass this windmill several times a week as I travel the country roads between my home and the city.   It caught my eye on this day because the windmill was glowing in the late afternoon sun.  You know, one of those days where the sky reflects the yellows and oranges of the sun for just a few magical moments.  TexasSkyline_www.rainydayreflections.com_

Texas Skyline

What do you pass on your daily drives?


2 thoughts on “Texas Skyline

    • So far, I’ve really enjoyed driving the country roads as we go to DFW or Grand Prairie. I love seeing all the horses and cows and green pastures.


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