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I Love Texas Photos – Day 1

I Love Texas Photos is dedicated to pro photography in TX. Our IG is passed to different photographers every 3 days for unique looks at life in TX.”  The I Love Texas Photo Instagram gallery is an eclectic grouping of photos that tell the story of life in Texas.

I Love Texas Photo Baton

Even though I’m still trying to transition to professional photography – for just one moment – on one very late night – I felt brave enough to throw my name into the ring to carry the ILTP baton for 3 days.  I was truly surprised and excited when I received an email  inviting me to carry the ILTP baton.

Photographers are given a few guidelines including,”Images must be made on your phone, shot in Texas and uploaded the same day.”  We are also encouraged to post 3 to 5 photos per day.


I was a little worried about sharing photos taken with my iPhone 6.  Sure, I use it for photos all the time.  I probably have about 2000 photos on it right now; but I only share those photos with family and friends.  I was nervous putting my iPhone photos out there for any and everyone to see while also representing Texas (at least on Instagram).

ILTP Day 1

I decided to do a little exploring of North Texas by driving east on US Highway 82 from Interstate 35.  We recently moved to North Texas and we go exploring on a regular basis.  My hubby agreed to be my driver for the day which left me free to watch the scenery passing by.   It was a beautiful day with gorgeous clouds accenting the beautiful North Texas trees.

ushighway82_lindajamesphotographyUS Highway 82 Scenery

You see signs for several towns as you travel US Highway 82; but you don’t actually go through many of them.  Much of the scenery consists of sky, trees, horses, and fields of hay.   I’m lucky my hubby was driving because I got to watch the amazing clouds.

lakecrookreflections_lindajamesphotographyReflections on Lake Crook

Lake Crook is located just outside of Paris, Texas. The water was smooth as glass and provided a perfect surface for reflecting the clouds.

paristexas_lindajamesphotographyEiffel Tower Replica Texas Style
Paris, Texas

We found Paris, Texas to be an interesting town with some great historic homes and a Texas Style Eiffel Tower replica.  The Eiffel Tower replica was built in 1993 and the hat was added in 1998.  It’s definitely worth a detour to see.

1952martin404_lindajamesphotography1952 Martin 404

It’s not often you see a passenger airplane sitting in a field; so I had to double back to take a look.  And of course, I took a few photos.  After a little research, I learned that it was a 1952 Martin 404.  The Martin was flown by several airlines and ended its flying career ended with ProAir.  It resides in a field near the remains of The Flying Tiger Airport & Flight Museum just west of Paris, Texas on US Highway 82.


Lamar County Courthouse
Paris, Texas

This is the entrance to the Lamar County Courthouse.  It was built in 1917 from marble and granite salvaged from the original 1897 courthouse that burned in 1916.  Parts of the building were restored in 2005.  I find it amazing that some of the material in this building is so old.

Phone Camera Thoughts

Do you take photos with your phone camera?
Do you share them with family, friends and the public?
Do you think phone cameras will one day replace actual cameras?


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