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November – One Photo Focus

One Photo Focus is a monthly photography challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing. The participants in this challenge edit the same image and share it on the One Photo Focus Forum. You can get more information and join the One Photo Focus monthly challenge at Stacy Fisher’s Visual Venturing. Thanks to Julie Powell of Julie Powell Photography for letting us practice on the original photo.  It’s always interesting to see everyone’s edited photos. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the original photo.)


lindajames_one-photo-focus_-november__Final Version – My Process

First, I focused on the background by using Macphun’s Snapheal to change the background a solid black.  I removed the shelf and canvas to bring more focus on the chair and flower.  Next, using the clone tool, I added additional floor cloth to cover the cardboard.

Then, I used the Black & White Filter in the FX Photo Studio app to change the photo to black & white.   (You can see the black & white version below.)

I liked the feel of the black & white; but wanted to try for a colorful version, also.  So, still using FX Photo Studio, I applied the Rainbow Palate 1 filter.  It brightened the photo with several colors. Finally, I used the Midway filter to add dimension and texture.  I really like the look that the filter gave the background cloth.

I enjoyed working with this photo. It allowed me to try out some filters that I don’t usually use.  Thanks to Julie Powell for providing the photo.

Black & White Version



Which version do you like best – the colorful version or the black & white version?

Original Photo by Julie Powell



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