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Old Pickup

Rusty Finds

Today, I’m sharing another great rusty find.  As I mentioned in my post Someday, I’ve become fascinated with the old, rusty items that we just leave to decay.  These items seem to have a determination to live on despite our disregard.  Yes, I know I’m talking about things – not people.  Still, I’d love to know the stories of all these old things that have become a part of our lives.

Old Pickup

This old pickup sits in a vacant lot on US Highway 287 in Childress, Texas.  I think that it might be an old International – maybe from the 1950s. (Just a guess from some very limited research.)


I’ve always wondered about the pickup’s story as I traveled through Childress.

–How did it end up in the corner of a vacant lot?  –Did someone just drive it there and leave it?  –Does anyone in town even notice it anymore?
Anyone who lives in Childress want to share the story of this pickup?  Just send me an email at rainydayreflections2015@gmail.com or comment below.


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