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Blooms and Bees



In Texas, tulips signal the beginning of springtime. I alway enjoy venturing to a tulip garden to help me get into the springtime mood.  I found this tulip at the  Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens which is the perfect spot to enjoy tulips and spring flowers.

I saw this little bee buzzing around the tulips and had to try for a shot.  I’m allergic to bee stings; so I was being very careful as I leaned in to catch this photo.  Luckily, he was more interested in the blooms than he was in the people enjoying the blooms.

Two Versions

I love both versions of this photo.  The color version seems to really emphasis the gorgeous pink bloom.  You only see the bee after you look at the bloom.
The monochrome version brings the little bee to the eye even before you really notice the tulip bloom.  Together, I think they tell the perfect story.  Which one do you like best?

Monochrome Madness

Blooms & Bees (BW) is my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.  You can join the challenge and see more entries over at Leanne Cole Photography. You can view my other Monochrome Madness Challenge entries by clicking on Monochrome Madness.



4 thoughts on “Blooms and Bees

    • Color is what spring is truly what spring is about; so it probably is my choice also. I do love that little bee though. It’s easier to see his little wings in the b & w. 🙂

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