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Blowing bubbles always makes for a great afternoon.  This was a nice, calm afternoon; so the bubbles just floated in the air.

Monochrome Madness Challenge

“Floating” is my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.  This week’s theme was movement.  I had many ideas for a great photo for movement; but then life happened.  I had to use a photo from my photo library.

You can join the challenge and see more entries over at Leanne Cole Photography. You can view my other Monochrome Madness Challenge entries by clicking on Monochrome Madness.


As I mentioned, this week’s theme was “movement”.  Here are a couple of other photos I considered for the challenge.


Water always provides interesting movement especially when a boat is making waves.  This was my second choice.


I loved the content of this photo – the fountain flowing in the background and the white goose’s path.  I just wasn’t happy with the photo after I applied the monochrome filter.  This was my third choice.

What do you think about my choices?  Would you change the order of them?  What else could I have used to represent movement in a photo?


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