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So Big or As Big As Texas?

This wonderful Texas sign sits in front of an old Airstream Motor home on the property of Ballyhoo Antique and Collectibles in Childress, Texas.  I’ve probably driven past this sign at least 100 times as we pass through town on Highway 287; yet, it always catches my eye.     I think it’s interesting that the sign has “So Big” on it since usually you see “As Big As Texas”.  Either way the sign meets both criterias. I’m not sure it’s actually for sale; but it might be fun to own. — If I just had somewhere to put such a large sign.  Maybe next time I drive through Childress, Texas I’ll stop by Ballyhoo Antiques and ask about the history of this sign.

This photo is part of my continuing series on Texas Highway 287.  Click the links below if you’d like to see some of my other Highway 287 photos.

Fair Park — Childress, Texas
Bridge at Fair Park — Childress, Texas
Bridge at Fair Park (B & W) Childress, Texas
Old Store Fronts — Chillicothe, Texas
Crumbling History

What catches your eye no matter how many times you’ve seen it?

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