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2018 is here…

Hello 2018!

Yes, I know it’s 19 days into 2018 and that most people pick their word on or by the 1st day of January.  I tried.  I really did.  The problem was that I couldn’t let go of my word from last year.  For the last 3 years, My One Word has been related to joy.  In 2015, my word was grateful.  In 2016, my word was joy and my goal was Finding Joy Everyday.  And in 2017, my word was again joy and my goal was Today I Choose Joy.  (Click on the links to read those posts.) It was Just a difference in my perspective — how I was going to look at the world for the next year.

Filled With Joyfilled_with_joy

Life Happens

Our lives have changed in the last few years.  I took early retirement from a job I loved.  We moved from our city home of 24 years to a country community 6 hours away.  We now live in the country with all the difference that brings.  I’m sometimes a worrier and always a planer; so these changes were anxiety making.  Focusing on being grateful and joyful helped me deal with the stress and anxiety of moving, building a new home and the other big changes in our lives.

Find Joy In The Ordinary


Joy, Joy, Joy

I found that “Joy” happens all the time.  I, also, realized that sometimes you might miss it if you don’t look for it.  So — are you ready?  Wait for it… Yes, it’s true.  Joy is going to be my word again for 2018.  I’m just not ready to move on to another word.  I like thinking about and looking for joy.

My goal this year is simply – Project Joy.  I want to bring more joy to everyday life.  I want to add joy to life with my husband, with my grandsons, with my son, my daughter, my family and my friends..  In order to do this, I need to be more mindful of our daily lives.  I plan to spread joy!

Spread Joy


Starting this Saturday, January 20, 2018, I will post Project Joy photos everyday on Instagram.  You can join my Project Joy journey on Instagram.  Use #ProjectJoy to post your own Project Joy photos.

What’s your One Word, goal or resolution for 2018?   I hope you’ll share in the comment section below..

Always remember…

good day


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