Old Texas Store Fronts

These fabulous old buildings can be found in Chillicothe, Texas.  The buildings are crumbling and falling down now; but once were part of the flourishing downtown businesses.

In 1950, the population of Chillicothe was 1411, but had declined to around 680 by 2013.  Unfortunately, businesses had to close as people moved.  Usually, the buildings remain empty for years until they crumble to pieces.  What stories these buildings could tell.

Chillicothe is a small Texas town located on  Highway 287 about 2 and 1/2 hours from Amarillo and 3 hours from Dallas.  Many people drive through this small Texas town everyday while traveling on Highway 287.  Hopefully, if you’re ever one of those travelers, you’ll take a moment to look at some of the old buildings in Chillicothe.  You might also want to stop at the Valley Pecan store.  The fabulous store sells pecans, homemade fudge, homemade  pastries  and some wonderful Texas gift items.

Small towns and old buildings fascinate me.  Do you ever wonder about the old buildings you see?

This photo is part of series I’m working on called Highway 287.
You can view other photos from the series by clicking the links below.
So Big or Big As Texas
Bridge at Fair Park — Childress, Texas
Bridge at Fair Park (B & W) — Childress, Texas
Fair Park — Childress, Texas
You can see the monotone version of this photo by clicking this link.  old store fronts.  Which version do you like best?

Many of my photos can now be found on Fine Art America.  You can purchase prints (framed or unframed), cards, phone covers, tote bags and many other products.  Click this link to see the many great choices.  Photos by Linda James


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