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Almost Frozen (C)

Yesterday, I shared a black and white version of this photo.  This is one of my favorite photos; so I decided to share the color version with you also.

My original goal was to share one last winter photo before I began focusing on spring.  I hope you don’t mind that I decided to share both versions of this photo.

I took this photo last winter at Fair Park in Childress, Texas. This is an awesome park regardless of the season.  I hope you’ll check out the black and white version Almost Frozen (B & W)

Fair Park – Childress, Texas

As I stated before, one of my favorite things about Childress is Fair Park. It’s a well maintained park with a nice playground, an overnight RV park and a pretty little lake. For many, many years, I drove through Childress on my way to Dallas without seeing the park. All it took was a left turn and a few blocks over — there was this great little park. You can see my summer version of this bridge in my post Bridge at Fair Park – Childress, Texas.

You should take a moment to drive by and check out Fair Park if you ever find yourself driving down Texas Highway 287.


You can see my other photos from Fair Park in Childress, Texas by visiting these inks.

Fair Park – Childress, Texas
Bridge at Fair Park – Childress, Texas
Bridge at Fair Park (B & W) – Childress, Texas
Almost Frozen B & W

Which version to you like best Almost Frozen (C) or Almost Frozen (B & W)?  Or do you want to skip winter and choose Bridge at Fair Park – Childress Texas (summer)?


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