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Blue Sunset at Willis Bridge

CloudsAreBlue__WillisBridge__www.rainydayreflections.com____Clouds Are Blue
Willis Bridge over Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma’s Juniper boat ramp and Willis Bridge are great locations for beautiful sunsets.  The clouds were breaking up some; so I hoped to have lots of color in the sky.  Instead, I found these gorgeous deep blue clouds with just a few rays of pink and orange.

This is Willis Bridge which connects Texas and Oklahoma on Highway 377.  After a little research, I found out that the bridge was built in 1960.  It’s rather rough riding, full of pot holes and only a narrow two lanes (without out shoulders).   According to the Lake Texoma website, it’s the longest Oklahoma owned bridge at 5426 feet.  The website also indicates that a new wider  bridge is planned at some point (no dates were given).

LookingAtOklahoma_rainydayreflections.com_Looking at Oklahoma
Willis Bridge at Lake Texoma

The bridge is rather low which makes it difficult for large boats to go under it.  When the lake is full, the water seems rather close to your car.

LookingAtTexas__www.rainydayreflections.comLooking at Texas
Willis Bridge at Lake Texoma

As you can see the bridge is narrow, rough and full of pot holes.  It definitely gives you a bouncy ride as you drive across.


This is the view of Lake Texoma that you’d see if you were standing on the Texas side of the bridge.  (I actually took the photo from the Juniper Boat Ramp because it’s not safe to stand on the bridge.)

The blue clouds were interesting with the pinks and oranges popping through at times.

Lake Texoma

This time last summer Lake Texoma was just beginning to recover from the tremendous May floods.  You can read my posts about the flood.

Lake Texoma’s Historic Lake Level

Water Flows Over the Spillway at Lake Texoma

Fishing the Red River


What’s your favorite location for photos opps?


2 thoughts on “Blue Sunset at Willis Bridge

  1. Loved the photos you have of the Texoma Bridge. Here in Sioux County, Iowa, our bridge just have to span feeders to the major river on our state’s western border, the Big Sioux, but some of the bigger ones cost a bunch to replace. Both the recent rebuild of the Big Sioux bridge into South Dakota and another near a northern Sioux County town ended up in the millions. I don’t have any photos, though. Even if I did, they wouldn’t be as impressive as the Texoma structure.


    • Thanks so much! Bridges fascinate me. I’m going to try to get some photos when they replace this one. Of course, part of the reason I like this one is because it’s narrow and low to the water. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


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